The First Post

October 19, 2015

Another superfluous achievement in the chase of new and shiny. Oh who am I kidding?. Static sites have been here forever. Hugo has been here for so long. Heck this blog post itself has been on my machine since last year. It’s just that I never put it online. Or write this text until now (2016-06-07) #YOLO.

Such is adult life. Well It’s nothing wrong about adult life either. It’s just me being lazy. Going through phases etc. I have been blogging for quite some time. And then I have been not blogging for sometime as well. At least I micro blog. Or in other words, tweet.

Anyhow I might be writing here from now on. Most probably technical stuff. I’m yet to figure out proper redirects to www. subdomain on S3. And maybe even make the blog theme match my tastes. Anyway what really matters right now is me doing something.